Hello from StickfiguresNI Belfast!

Welcome to my first blog post!!

How exciting…I wonder how many will actually read it?

So where did StickfiguresNI come from?
A year or two ago while travelling in Canada, I noticed that a lot of the cars had cute little stick figure people on the rear car windows. Some had one stick figure others had a whole family of them across the window. When I returned to sunny Belfast there was a startling contrast to the cars! I sat at traffic lights and in traffic jams observing the cars around me, and virtually none had any stick figure people on them – in fact they had more car dearlership stickers than anything else!! Great advertising for the dealership – right! Light bulb moment.
I decided that ‘Norn Iron’ people needed a little more fun in their lives and start adding a few little stick people to their rear windows, ipads, smartphones, caravans…just to bring a smile to their face!
I set about thinking of new ideas, and what better than to create a whole set of #unique #stickfigure #decals. Subtlety was key, as was being different. There is a competitor brand that creates these stick figure decals but they are quite bold and in your face…StickfiguresNI decals are subtle and unique.
I started out with a basic family of decals – Mum, Dad, Son, Daughter and dog – we can’t forget the four legged friend! I have now got over 30 designs and constantly adding new ones as new ideas come to mind. One great design came from a bespoke order from nowhere other than a lady in Canada! Via Twitter we made contact and a unique skimobile stickfigure design was created and sent across the pond for her to enjoy – Awesome!!

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